Tuki facilitates scheduling and staffing for the food service and hospitality community.
Use Tuki WebApp to Schedule and manage your team. You can see and organise your schedule using differents views.
Time Frame
Day Preview Mode-View a preview of the day's schedule. You can see exactly who is working, at what time and in which role. You can also see how many people are working in any hour.
Manage and organise your team using Tuki Today.
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How to use Tuki
Nominate a user to fill a custom shift. The app shows you the total number of hours worked so far and the total number of hours scheduled to work.
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Looking to hire for your restaurant team? We can help take the time and pain away from hiring by using our pool of pre-screened talented individuals to find the right match for your team.

At Tuki we will help our clients get access to the right candidates with our specialized market knowledge and matchmaking algorithms. The process is very simple. When we find a match for you, we interview the candidate with you, after which you can request the candidates you think are best to come for a trial period with no obligations. For more information, please contact us on support@tuki.today or whatsapp via +351 910 789 156.

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